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About This Website

DukeSolarRebate.com is a project started by one individual, you can call me Jeff!

As a Duke Energy customer here in North Carolina, I have been enjoying solar energy for years – it’s been greatly reducing my energy bill at my home since 2011. I’m also an advocate for expanding distributed energy, which means producing more power closer to where it’s used, rather than in very large, cathedral-like power stations.

I created this website with some like-minded colleagues in order to share information about going solar through Duke Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Progress in North Carolina, particularly in light of this new rebate.

jeff duke solar rebate nc

Thanks to this rebate, I hope other customers will get help going solar and ultimately see the same benefits that I’ve seen. It’s important that customers can rely on verified, clear, and digestible information: email jeff@dukesolarrebate.com to discuss anything you’ve read or heard about this proposed rebate program.

I have personally been in the solar field for 3 years and serve as a general contractor in North Carolina and South Carolina. We at DukeSolarRebate.com have selected a number of reputable North Carolina companies that can all provide free quotes or estimates for solar for your home or business, depending where in the state you are located, and help you secure the new incentive.

Feel free to reach out to these businesses directly or you can reach me at jeff@dukesolarrebate.com.

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