A professional solar energy consultant is best equipped to tell you if your home or business is a good candidate for solar, often starting with a short conversation over the phone when you call into their office during work hours.

Generally the best homes for installing solar have these characteristics:

  • Roof sections that face south, or close to south, that are available for laying out the solar arrays.
  • If your roof is not south facing, solar panels can be mounted on the ground near the home on a racking system. This is more common in rural homes, farms and large businesses.
  • Minimal shading from adjacent buildings or tall trees
  • A utility that provides a net energy metering program for solar customers. (Are you a Duke Energy Carolinas or Duke Energy Progress customer in North Carolina? Then you have this program!)

These factors will help you produce the most power and create the greatest monthly savings. If parts of that didn’t make sense, or if you have questions, a quick phone call with a solar professional can help you make sense of your solar potential.

Please see our list of recommended installers for your area.

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    This is actually helpful, thanks.

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